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Mayan Calendar on Israel and Islam - Approach to the Fifth Day

Here is Dr. Calleman's assessment of the Israeli-Arab conflict, told from the perspective of the Mayan Calendar. For those familiar with his books and other writings this will be just one more piece to the puzzle. For those not familiar with his writings, I suggest you check out his website.


Article by Carl Johan Calleman

The Current Situation:

We are now approaching the Fifth day, beginning on
November 24, 2006, and the ensuing energies of
Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca of the Galactic
Underworld. These energies are likely to generate the
chaos from which the new world of oneness will be
born as we come to the completion of all the
Underworlds by October 28, 2011.

As I wrote in the article posted on my web site in
November of last year, the first half of the Fourth
night, November 29, 2005 to May 27, 2006, would be
a relatively uneventful time that would be well suited
for integration of what had happened in the
preceding Fourth day. For the second half of this
night, May 28 - November 24, 2006, the time period
that we are in now, I however forecasted that new
events would be occurring that prepared for the
change that would be brought by the Breakthrough
energy of the Fifth day. Using comparisons I pointed
to the example, among others, of how the Russian
revolution of 1905, shortly after the midpoint of the
Fourth night of the Planetary Underworld, heralded
the fall of the autocratic empires (including the
Russian) that came about as a result of World War I
after the breakthrough energy of Quetzalcoatl set in
in this Underworld in 1913.

In our current Galactic Underworld we are now at a
time corresponding to 1905-1906 in the Planetary
(see figure), and it seems obvious that the relatively
calm time for integration is over. Instead, in the past
few weeks we have witnessed things that very likely
herald the tumultuous era that will follow as the
breakthrough energy sets in with the Fifth day. I feel
I have been very accurate in forecasting this basic
rhythm of the evolution of the current year and you
may take note that this would not have been possible
without using a correct end date, October 28,

I would like to add here that the Mayan calendar
does not say that in a certain time period this or that
will happen in concrete terms. What we have in order
to help us predict the future are Underworlds -
predetermined sequences of energies that play out
according to exact schedules. However, the
predictions are conditioned by the intuition and
background of the person who makes them. Thus, I
recommend that you evaluate the reliability of
predictions said to be based on the Mayan calendar
by seeing how accurate the person making them has
been in the past. Those who claim that the Mayan
calendar ends December 21, 2012, however usually
do not even put themselves to the test. What
prophetic value does the Mayan calendar then have?

As signs of the intensification of the course of events
the past week or so we have thus seen a tsunami, a
report of a record number of killings in Iraq, a
resurgence of Taliban fighting, missile tests in North
Korea, bombings in Mumbai, a record oil price and a G-
8 meeting in St Petersburg pointing to the return of
Russia as a major power. Above all, however, Israel
has attacked Lebanon, to destroy bases of the
Hizbollah, a Muslim group supported by Syria and
especially Iran. As I have said in my books the
Galactic Underworld is the Apocalypse and there is
little reason to expect its course of events to be
smooth or unproblematic. It is virtually impossible to
imagine a step- by-step process from the present
world to oneness.


As we approach the Fifth day of the Galactic
Underworld it then obviously becomes very important
to understand the role of Israel. Why, we may
wonder, does this country play such a significant role
to some of the world religions? Why do the Jews see
themselves as a people chosen by God and why do
also Christians say that things begin and end with
Israel? Why is the Muslim negativity towards Israel so
strong and why is Israel so adverse to compromises?

I think a big part of the explanation to this special
role of Israel is that many very significant things in
human evolution actually did have their origin there.
Southwest Asia, including what is today Israel, was
where the highest number of domesticable plants and
animals existed that allowed humans early on to make
the transition to agriculture and a settled life already
about 10,000 years ago. Hence, people in this area
had a tremendous head start in their cultural
development and so it was for instance here that the
alphabet was invented as a result of the pulse
favoring the left brain in the Third day of the National
Underworld. The alphabet, which is the first truly
effective form of writing used by humans, was
invented by the Jews and the Torah, their holy
scripture, is the first book written by means of this,
expressing the first monotheist creed of the planet.
An enormous emphasis was placed on the written
Word that was perceived as an exclusive message
from God that was unchangeable. Writing and the
concomitant monotheist creed brought about a
significant shift in mentality and, since this was not
immediately shared by the neighbors, a perception
was created by the Jews that they were a people
chosen by God.

When the Fifth day of the National Underworld began
the Christian religion then had its origin in Israel. The
majority of the Jews were however not attracted to
this new religion, and following the destruction of the
Temple in AD 70 they were dispersed from their
country essentially in the Western direction. From the
perspective of the Mayan calendar one might
speculate that this latter historical event was
actually propelled by the marked left brain abstract
thinking of the Jews to which the West was more
conducive. Regardless, their contributions to Western
culture, and economic clout, have been
disproportionately high, presumably because of the
mentioned head start they had had into abstract left
brain thinking.

Also the Quran, consecrated at the midpoint of the
Fifth night in AD 632, traces an origin to Abraham and
talks extensively about the Jews, whose prophets
Moses and Jesus, it acknowledges as such. Yet,
similarly to how the Christian church has considered
the New Testament as more important than the Old,
the Muslims regard the Quran as an all-encompassing
supreme message from God.

Following a two thousand year Diaspora the state of
Israel was then declared in 1948 thus fulfilling an age-
old prophecy of the Jews. This was based on the
United Nations partition plan for the British mandate
of Palestine made in 1947 as the Fourth World of the
Planetary Underworld began. In a broad sense the
beginning of this Fourth World was what set the
stage for the Galactic Underworld that we are in now
and, ever since then, the area has been an area of
contention with the neighboring Muslims.

End-time scenarios:

Hence, while Jews have been praying three times a
day for two thousand years for the restoration of the
Temple in Jerusalem, the time has not yet been
considered as ready for this. The main reason is that
the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is occupied by the
Muslim al- Aksa Mosque and this religion is guided by
quite different prophecies, and another written Word,
the Quran. The Jews fear that if a Temple would be
built there it would create a Jihad from the entire
Muslim world. To Muslims, who see the Quran as the
last message from God and envision that the whole
world will eventually be Muslim, it is instead a dictum
that all land held by Islam should be kept and that
land lost to it should be recovered. Hence, the
prophecies of the two religions are in direct

Fundamentalist Christians, especially in the United
States, are not indifferent to this conflict and in fact
see the scenario playing out as verifying their own
prophecies, which is part of the reason for the strong
US backing of Israel. These groups expect the Jews
to rebuild the temple following which there will be
great tribulations that will lead the Jews to accept
Jesus as the Messiah. The Muslims on their part
expect the appearance of the twelfth imam, Mahdi,
as a savior, as well as the return of Jesus, who will
then lead the Christians to submit to Islam.

It would take a specialist to describe the various
prophecies of Jews, Muslims and Christians and their
different interpretations in detail. However, they all
seem to include an end time scenario with a final
battle (Armaggedon is the town of Megiddo in
northern Israel, not very far from either Lebanon or
Syria), an Antichrist (who in the Muslim variety is
called Dajjal) and a Messiah (or returning Christ), who
will rule for different time periods and set their marks
on them. In the Christian Revelation this ends with
the New Jerusalem, where there is no pain and no
sorrow and the past will no longer be. Although the
Mayan prophecies obviously do not describe a
specific scenario for this part of the world, the Mayan
calendar is based on energies such as that of
Quetzalcoatl (god of light in the Fifth day) and
Tezcatlipoca (god of darkness in Fifth night), which
would be favorable to exactly such forces that the
Abrahamitic religions prophesize about. In fact, in the
time ahead the calendrical energies of the Galactic
Underworld probably provide our best guide to know
who will represent the future of oneness and who will

Based on the ruling energies of time -and parallels to
lower Underworlds- we may then expect a scenario
somewhat like the following: In the first half of the
Fifth day (November 24, 2006 - May 22, 2007) there
will be intensified conflicts between the monotheist
religions, and especially between Judaism and Islam,
where both will seek to have their own prophecies
fulfilled. At the same time a minor flow towards
oneness will emerge, a flow of people that is the
most direct expression of the breakthrough energy
and seek to transcend the conflicts between
scriptures. Towards the end of this first half the
parties in the conflict will however get stuck (possibly
as a result of disaster) and a messianic energy that
does not belong to any of the existing religions will
have a chance to be expressed in the second half of
day 5, May 22- November 19, 2007.

This will have global repercussions, but will be
followed during the Fifth night, November 19, 2007 -
November 12, 2008 by the energy of Tezcatlipoca,
the lord of darkness. Especially the first half of this
rule may well correspond to what in Revelation
language is called the Beast or Antichrist and will
mean a return to the materialism of the Planetary
Underworld, maybe based on the development of a
new monetary system and electronic control on a
world wide scale. In the second half of this night
(beginning May 17, 2008) we will probably see a
loosening of the grip of this reaction, which leads into
a wave movement that from our current perspective
may best be described as a chaos of divinely guided
anarchy lasting for three and a half tun, 1260 days.
This time period is also mentioned in the Bible that
recognizes the Mayan tun period of 360 days as a
prophetic year.

Going back to the present what I feel we have
reasons to expect as the energy of the Fifth day
enters in November of this year is then that followers
of each of these religions will be propelled to see
their own prophecies fulfilled and actively strive for
this. After all, we are living in the Apocalypse and as
this pulse begins all the religious people in the area
will be affected and most will act according to what
their scriptures seem to be telling them to do. In the
changing tides of this wave movement the three
Abrahamitic religions will identify different persons
and forces as messianic or diabolic depending on their
own particular prophetic traditions.

While this may not be much discussed in the media
with its focus on superficial events it nevertheless
provides an undercurrent that plays a decisive role
for the course of events in the Middle East. Thus, I
do not look upon the current fighting between Israel
and Hizbollah as a temporary skirmish, but rather as a
prelude to a larger drama during the Fifth day that
will include also some more powerful Muslim


While much of the world would like to see a two-
state solution in Israel/Palestine the implementation
of this has repeatedly been thwarted, essentially as
it leaves the religious prophecies of both parties
unfulfilled. In reality, such a two-state solution would
be implemented as a form of religiously based
apartheid and this points to a strange inconsistency
in how the world community thinks. While it rightly
condemns theories of racial superiority it seems to
have accepted that the two religions primarily
involved in the area base their political agendas on
their respective claims to religious supremacy. I am
not advocating the abolishment of the religions as
such any more than the abolishment of the races.
Nor am I saying that religions have no value, but why
does the world community accept claims by any of
them that their teaching would make them superior to
adherents of other religions.

Why do we consider as holy such scriptures that
promote ideals of their own supremacy? Why is it
that so many people accept as legitimate the
thoughts of religious superiority present in the Torah,
the Bible and the Quran that are mostly fully explicit?
We do not even have a word for ideologies based on
religious superiority that would be an appropriate
parallel to the word « racism » and so fail to grasp
the reality of this phenomenon. While today the term
terrorism is widely used it is not the root cause of the
problem, since the terrorist activities are not ends in
themselves, but means of asserting religious
supremacy. What we need is a term such as
religionism, as a parallel to racism, that applies to
any religion that seeks to assert its own supremacy.
The world has come a long way in dispelling ideologies
of racial superiority, but has hardly begun to dispel
those of religious superiority. Hence, administrative
decisions as to how to carve up the land between
Israel and Palestine will never generate a true and
heartfelt peace as long as the religionism of the
parties involved is not transcended.

The majority of humanity is still basing its relationship
to the divine on books, seen as holy scriptures,
rather than on a direct experience of the divine
presence. For the followers of such books the need
to see their prophecies be fulfilled takes on an added
importance as giving proof of the existence of God
and the preeminence of one's own religion. Holy
scriptures were created in the National Underworld as
human beings became partially separated from the
direct experience of the divine and in a sense they
have also served as a replacement for this
experience, and this is the root of

Thus, people will react to the breakthrough pulse of
the Fifth day depending on where they are coming
from and what religious context they form part of. It
is realistic to expect that many unresolved conflicts
of the world will come to surface then and this is
especially true for those areas of the planet, which
have the longest history of dualist left brain
dominance such as the Middle East. It should be
pointed out here that Islam, even though it has
spread predominantly in the Eastern hemisphere, is as
much of a dualist left brain religion as the Jewish. Its
strong left brain character is obvious in that, like
Judaism, it bans pictures and sculptures from the
Mosques as being idolatry. Both religions in other
words try to curb the use of the right brain half that
sees images or visions, expresses the feminine and
uses intuition. The contact with the divine should in
the fundamentalist varieties of these religions not be
based on experience, but exclusively on the written
Word of their scriptures. It is exactly this dualist
relationship to God that fosters attitudes of religious
supremacy. Thus, the right brain pulse of the Fifth
day of the Galactic Underworld may come to shake
the balance of both these left-brain religions and
very possibly many will react defensively.

On a global scale, this pulse will however weaken the
power of the West and hence of Israel. If we add to
this that the days are the periods that seem to be hit
the hardest by natural catastrophes and that the US
dollar likely will dramatically fall as the Fifth day
begins, then we have every reason to expect that its
upcoming energy will create fundamentally altered
relationships in the world. It is entirely possible that,
like the Fifth day of the Planetary Underworld (that
brought World War I), the Fifth day of the Galactic
will bring a catastrophe to the Middle East and that
only as people recognize the dimensions of this will an
opening to a path towards oneness be

Energy that unifies the light:

What the Mayan calendar tells us is however that the
cosmic plan is not for the world to come to an end.
Besides, even if its energies will favor certain general
trends and alterations of relationships, human beings
have a choice as to how to respond to these, which
may influence the course of events for the better or
for the worse. In fact, even if we have reasons to
believe that the majority in the Middle East engages
in a battle along the old front lines defined by the
dualist religions, there will also emerge expressions of
the unification of the left and right brain mentalities
that would be truly messianic as it provides a path
towards oneness.

The reason we may expect this is that the Galactic
Underworld favors the right brain half and this change
in the global field helps to make the minds of people
whole. Although, such a spiritual wholeness,
unfettered by scriptures of supremacy, may already
exist in a minority in the region it will also grow
throughout the time period ruled by the energy of
Quetzalcoatl and become especially visible in its
second half. It will not be favoring any of the existing
patriarchal religions in the area, but will be one that
seeks to transcend the influence of scriptures that
call for supremacy. It will be a movement that see all
human beings as equal in the eyes of God and
recognizes that the separation between them is
generated by the religions created by the human
beings. It is an expression of people who realize that
to God all of humanity is His /Her children and does
not favor any particular religion over the

The New Jerusalem:

I believe that the beginning of a true peace process
must start exactly with such a realization. No
administrative measures that any party would
grudgingly accept would lead to a real peace. The
only way true and heartfelt peace could come about
in this area is if groups of people there and elsewhere
truly give up all claims to religious superiority or
callings to subordinate those of other religions. It is
possible that such an insight will come only as a
reaction to a disastrous war, but it will come. Of
course, if the Muslims invited the Jews to share the
Temple Mount to build a temple there and share it
also with a Christians church then this would be
peace. If the Jews truly invited the Palestinians to
share the area that they now control, and even gave
up the claim to a separate Jewish state, then there
would be peace. I feel in the eyes of God the religion
that He/She would love the most is the one that
gives up its claim to exclusivity, since this would
pave the way for peace also everywhere.

The truly spiritual people in the area are the ones
that will seek to transcend the limitations of the
scriptures, Torah, Bible and Quran, which to a large
extent have been used to legitimize superiority. The
truly spiritual people in the area are the ones that
realize that in the Galactic Underworld national and
religious borders are of the past and must be
transcended. Maybe the real calling of Israel, and the
reason that a conflict has arisen there again involving
some of the world's largest religions, is that the
balancing of the left brain dominance must begin
exactly where it first emerged. Maybe God's calling
for Israel/Palestine is that it should be a land where
all religions belong, and the place where these, under
the influence of the consciousness field of the
Galactic Underworld were able to transcend their
differences. Only such a multireligious presence in the
area would pave the way to a New Jerusalem. In
fact, when it is heartfelt it would be the New
Jerusalem. This would be to join the alpha and the
omega and would mean the return to Eden on a new
and higher level.

Obviously, some would say that this perspective is
utterly naive, but then again has anyone ever really
been attempted to put it into practice? Billions of
people have prayed for the victory of their own
religion in Israel, but how many have prayed or
wished that no religion should be victorious and in
fact that the ancient scriptures should be
transcended? So I think people everywhere should
start by asking themselves if they really would like to
see a transformation of Israel/Palestine into a
multireligious country or not. Undoubtedly the biggest
challenge is for those who live in the area, but since
the current situation is threatening the peace of the
rest of the world also people in other areas have a
right to work towards solving the conflict.

Since more than half of the population on Earth
belong to the Abrahamitic religions or at least their
contexts many people also outside of the area have a
direct opportunity to participate in the creation of a
deeper peace. We have the right to have our own
visions regardless of if they fit into the supremacy
schemes of these religions. Hence, while Jerusalem
may be a focus of conflict it also poses an
opportunity because in as much as the rest of the
world can contribute to peace here it can contribute
to a lasting peace everywhere.

The task may seem monumental, but so did once the
task of combating racism. I should also say that I
think it may be too general to simply pray for peace.
We need to be more specific and pray for concrete
expressions of tearing down the walls between the
scripture based religions. A possible thing is to pray
for a Mosque, a Church and a Temple to share the
Temple Mount. A possible thing is to pray that no
religion in the area will come out as victorious against
the others. In many, the reaction to this very
thought will reveal a dualist mentality in ourselves
and so it becomes obvious that we are ourselves part
of the problem that has created the conflict in the
Middle East.

Hence follows the importance of developing spiritual
practices and tools, such as dikshas and meditations,
that help ourselves to be part of the evolution
towards oneness that the global creation field of the
Galactic Underworld increasingly will favor. Since
more than half the population of the planet have a
background in the Abrahamitic religions any
enlightening experiences may be very significant for
preparing the messianic path to oneness.

Hence, individual transformation towards oneness is
part of creating peace in the external world and no
one needs to be a bystander. In fact, the most
dangerous enemy may be the defeatism in ourselves.
The breakthrough celebration will continue
throughout the Ahau days of the Mayan calendar
with different events and may be a very significant
resource for those who want to develop a path to
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