Monday, November 23, 2009

There's life on Mars...

So says Andrew D. Basiago, who claims to have been teleported to Mars as a young boy, courtesy of ETs and the CIA. These guys not only visit Mars often but also travel back and forth in time. I really have trouble wrapping my head around that one. Reminds me too much of the Montauk Project.

In a series of 39 10-minute videos, Basiago spins a story worthy of Hollywood sci-fi consideration. Needs a bit tightening but, like The Men Who Stare at Goats, it would make an interesting movie. Not only does he claim that Mars has a breathable atmosphere, but he also swears there are humanoids living in underground bases. If this weren't enough, there are dinosaur type reptiles at the top of the food chain who roam the surface of the planet and are partial to human flesh. Sounds like something out of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

For the most part, Basiago's endless spiel can be helped best by fast forwarding through most of it. For those who wish to know what he specifically says on what to expect in 2012, check out tape 34. The info is somewhere in the middle of the tape. But early on in the interview he claims he will die somewhere in his 90s, sometime during the 2060s. This should tell worried and confused people out there that there is life after 2012. And his advice on how to advance toward that year is very much in keeping with the more positive adherents who tell us to expect the best possible outcome by keeping our focus in the right place.