Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laura Eisenhower takes us on a trip...

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is one very interesting human being, and not because she's the great granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower. This is the second or third interview I've heard from different people concerning the alleged colony on Mars, time travel and alien (most likely reptilian) control of the planet and its government agendas. I think I first came across this Mars colony info in 1992 when I read the Montauk Project by Peter Moon. I therefore take this whistle-blower information with a ton of salt. Much of Moon's writings have been regulated to the realm of hoax. This positions Ms. Eisenhower with the likes of Wingmakers as well as the Montauk time travel myth, or until these fantastic claims are proven otherwise.

But you can't ignore sincerity, and Ms Eisenhower oozes sincerity in every vowel and syllable of her interview with Alfred Webre from
Seattle Exopolitics, an internet site that is so far out on the fringe it hangs over the precipice by its fingertips.

The interview is two hours long but a must do for those interested in these strange times and what backstage influences are doing to block the cosmic transition that is moving ahead like clockwork, slowly but oh so surely, with the final outcome still in question, at least for us who don't do any time traveling.

...Update: New interview - 1/12/11 - on the 50th anniversary of Dwight Eisenhower's military-industrial complex speech...