Saturday, March 19, 2011

The devils behind the machine...

There are many people who believe that there are, at this time, entities in human form from other worlds living among us, that they are here to help usher in the New World.  Some are said to not even be aware of their true origin, or their life mission.  And then there are those who claim to know exactly who they are and why they're here.  One such person is someone who goes by the name of Kalliope who says he's "half Sirian/half Plejaren."

In an impassioned plea to friendly ETs, he exhorts them to step in to help put a stop to what the Illuminati are (and will be) doing to the people of the Earth in a vicious attempt to prevent the spiritual progression of the planet into a higher realm.  This is not the first time I've heard this argument.  In the Handbook for a New Paradigm, the narrator warns that in the final days leading to the transition, the dark forces who hijacked the planet eons ago will cause all sorts of unbelievably horrendous acts in a final attempt to quell the inevitable.

Here is some of what Kalliope says:    

"The dark ones have devices at their disposal, which can cause damage and death with an efficiency not much inferior to the one of atomic bombs. I'm talking about HAARP, weather control and similar weapons. By using these devices they can cause earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, tsunamis, wildfires, floods and mass death of animal and human life."

From another perspective, Nancy Lieder's ET contacts, the Zetas, say that intervention by friendly aliens to help contain the nuclear reactor blowouts shortly after the tsunami passed over them did occur:

"Have benign aliens been allowed to interfere with the Japanese power plant meltdown, limiting the damage? Yes, but they have not interfered to the degree possible, for the following reasons. Mankind, especially the elite in charge of running planet Earth, have been arrogant in the face of our predictions about the cataclysmic changes facing Earth. The elite have been aware of our predictions since the time of Roswell, yet their reactions were only to save their own sorry skins, not to protect the Earth or its inhabitants..."  To read the rest of the message, click here.

In this article by Montague Keen you will find more from the realm of spirit on the NWO and their hand at creating chaos to advance their agenda.

Although further research is needed, here's an article that points a finger at HAARP as causing the Japan quake. 

This map is from a forum thread.  It's allegedly a map drawn up by the US Navy to show what America will look like after the "alterations" have been made.  Let's hope all this talk about ETs lessening the damage, or preventing the event, is true:

For people who like their info presented by scientific experts, here is a video where geoscientist Leuren Moret declares to Alfred Webre that the Japan quake was a deliberate, man-made attack in what they refer to as "earthquake warfare."

And from the mainstream, we have Scientific American offering up a whole menu of articles on the Japan catastrophe.  

In the video below, Benjamin Fulford reaffirms his belief that the Japan catastrophe was deliberately orchestrated by agents of the NWO.  It must be kept in mind that Fulford is so far off the fringe that he is walking on air, making it difficult to believe anything he says.  But just like the boy who cried "wolf!" too many times, in the end there was some truth to his shouting: