Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zetas vs SaLuSa...

Look familiar?
Actually, the Zetas vs every single channel on the planet who advocates the Ascension process.  In Nancy Lieder's #235 newsletter, she pounces on the concept of Ascension as a pipe dream that has absolutely no ground in reality.  The Zetas are more aligned with Patrick Geryl's apocalyptic vision of global destruction.  History is also on their side.

From the newsletter, quoting a channeling that took place in 2003:  "Many humans who are currently supported in their physical needs by the farming communities are aghast at the prospect of being thrown on their resources in the Aftertime. The populations in the cities of the world, and in many towns fringed by farming communities, are utterly unfamiliar with step one of feeding oneself. Thus, New Age talk about the world evading the pole shift if all hold hands and fervently wish it to be so, or if all change their ways and become Service-to-Others overnight, are popular with these folks. They simply don't know what else to do, where else to start, and the road seems too long for them to walk, otherwise. Of course, none of this will work, as we have explained. It is a palliative, a tranquilizer, to be taken so one does not worry until the last minute. If this is your intent, to avoid thinking about it, or comfort yourself with a fairy tale, then so be it, but rescue will not happen. Does it happen today, to those starving stick children in Africa? Does it happen today when a Cyclone roars into Bangladesh, drowning families and sweeping the housing out to sea? Does it happen today to those dying in agony with AIDS, or going blind because insects have put parasites into their eyes, mass disease ignored by comfortable industrialized countries?"

All things considered, the Zetas seem to be winning the argument.  But even if their vision is more attuned with what's happening in the real world, much of their predictions have been just as disappointing as SaLuSa's, missing their mark by light years more often than not.  What they do have in common is their steadfastness, their unwavering stance in their convictions.  No matter how many times they've been wrong, they shake off the error and fall into step again, picking up where they left off without missing a beat.