Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alfred Webre on Mars and other strange things...

There is a quiet disparagement about the word "fatalist," as if tainted, bogged down with ancient superstition. Yet the CIA is well known to seek out future events so contingency plans can be made, to cushion anything harsh, or simply to stack the deck so they can roll with the punches. Knowing the future is not the same as actively changing  it. But if timelines are being viewed (in some instances physically experienced in real time) then major future events are already known in some circles outside psychic parlor rooms.

There is a conspiracy theory that is not as well known as Obama's birth certificate. This other belief says that Obama was "pre-identified" as a future president. There are theories that Obama has been groomed for the presidency since he was a young boy due to information gathered on him from the future. This means that people are making long range moves to affect future reality, attempting to optimize events. This is great stuff for sci-fi fans. But if you believe it's really true, 2012 should prove more interesting as it continues to roll out.

What's intriguing about all this is that the future is being played like a chess game by some intelligence agencies. They are the synthetic part to the match. The inorganic ingredient, the other opponent in this chess game, also has a say in what the future brings, or how you want it to lean. But do these people really believe they have control when a good part of the variables are completely and totally cosmic, especially within the next 18 months?

In this video, Alfred Webre tells us what he's been up to since the-powers-that-be blackballed him. It's worth a listen. Some of Webre's research has a lot of merit, but it gets bogged down with the flakiness that surrounds it. A lot of what he's done has been pure theater of the absurd. This may have been a tactical move by his enemies to shadow him with lunacy. In any case, the gems of his research get lost in it: