Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ayn Rand, the original heartless bitch...

If this woman is an icon for the conservative GOP party, then they must throw Jesus Christ out the window along with all other religious concepts, including God Himself. Born into a Jewish family, Ayn Rand grew up to become a confirmed atheist. 

Imagine for a moment what the country would be like if her theories were firmly in place. A godless, selfish paradise for the rich and well-to-do, while the less fortunate beg and scrape on the street for survival. Caligula would feel right at home in her world, as well as every Illuminati troll on the planet.

She is a hero to Paul Ryan, who believes her selfish, self-centered philosophy is just what the country needs right now. He admires her so much that he requires his staff to read her books, thereby indoctrinating them in her extreme egocentric opinions.