Sunday, September 11, 2016

It was a day they all remembered; the official kickoff to a ceaseless war, a war mired in biblical insanity...


Slithering across the world, the viper seeps
Through concrete landscapes, an unruly adversary
                              Feeding fear and cold uncertainty.
Striding boldly with unremitting loathing,
Something ancient and unforgiving has come
To rest upon the cherished land.

Foul breath let loose by careless oversight
And sleeping vigilance, it feeds on pain and
Vengeance, untamed in unrequited resolve.
The howling wind is raged in violence.
Lost innocence is trampled, and fragile freedoms
Flutter like tattered banners in the brutish air.

Shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to
Mortal flesh and shattered bone.
Gone are momentary hopes and longings.
The darkness of the vengeful heart is open,
Sucking in collective horrors and laughing loudly
In angered glee.

More terrors than the present world has known
Has been unleashed and come to roost upon our
Cherished dreams. The people mourn in absolute 
Astonishment that Hell at last has come to rest upon
Their wounded land.

                                     --written 9/12/01