In Search of Peggy Kane

This page is a compilation of posts that were written between March and June of 2006.  They chronicle my stint with Peggy Kane's original reverse speech group, what she predicted would happen, and what actually did happen.

I compiled this page because I get a lot of search quarries wanting to know about Peggy Kane and what she does. I have no idea what she's currently up to, but I will lay odds that she's still listening in on the evil reptilians.

Many of the links originally posted are no longer available, so there are few working links within this page.  But the gist of the reverse speech info is intact and the reader is sure to leave with a better understanding of what it is, as well as who Peggy Kane is.

For those who would rather have a free PDF copy, click here.

Friday, March 17, 2006
Lizards in Control?

Here's an incredibly strange blog that belongs to Peggy Kane. I've mentioned her and Sherry Shriner on a few pages of my website because they expound ideas I don't altogether take seriously but find interesting. Both women believe in some very unusual phenomena that involves all of us in one way or another, but more importantly, our leaders, the privileged ones that clump around starting wars and ignoring homegrown folks for personal quests that hardly have anything to do with the rest of us.

I post this tongue-in-check. But who knows?

What Peggy says is that these illustrious people (politicians, corporate goons, bankers, media folk, military brass, etc) are hosts for reptilian entities, beings that come from the constellation Orion. These creatures have been here for thousands, if not millions, of years secretly running human affairs from behind the scenes, and with the help of our possessed brethren. That's right, possessed by these alien beings who have their human hosts do their will, which is to control, torment and degrade the human race.

The last time I looked, they were doing a pretty good job.

After reading some of her entries, all I can say is that we are in a hell of a lot more trouble than I thought. Bush and Cheney are not themselves anymore, but cloned doubles. According to her, the original Bush was too distraught to continue; Cheney had one heart attack too many, though this is not what took him out. He was hanged first and then consumed.

She claims we are literally at the end of the food chain here, kept ignorant like a herd of cattle. In life, these reptiles feed on our astral emanations, our negative emotions generated by them or their unseen actions. Hate, loathing, abuse of all manner is employed for the desired effect. And, aside from being on the menu, we're also used as unwilling sexual objects--get this--even in death!

She sees death not as a spiritual state but more of a physical one where we are hunted by these scaly creatures for sex and sustenance. It's still not clear to me whether we're all destined to go to this hellish realm, or if it's reserved only for a select group. I don't recall the bible ever mentioning anything like what she sees in store for us, unless you take "hell" as a metaphor for what she envisions.

Peggy points to May 2006 when some (or all) of our leaders are due for extinction. Evidently, something is happening that will hasten their (the reptiles) departure during that time. The trigger that will cause the lizards' exit and the demise of their stooges' is Planet X, that mythical orb that supposedly comes around every 5000 plus years to fling havoc on our world and every creature on it. And, according to her, the rest of us will not fair much better.

There's an uncanny resemblance in what she sees coming that closely looks like what's described in The Book of Revelation. In a section titled, "2006 reversals," entered on Jan. 26, 2006, she writes, "Now I have also heard that when they [reptiles] leave, which always seems to be in the spring (this year?) they are planning to set fire to the net that surrounds this planet. This is going to be a rather horrific experience as it will get very hot here and smoky. The sky will turn red, which corresponds with some other prophecies of red sky. It would be very prudent if people would look for some kind of protective area, some way to get away from the heat and smoke."

In the same entry, she says the barrier between the living and the dead will vanish like the Berlin Wall. You will be able to sit down with your dead friends and relatives and have a grand old time reminiscing.

The more you read her blog, the more questions pop up that have no ready answers.

As for what will happen to our leaders, she writes, "There will be a million or more of you. You will be taken to an underground base and hanged. Your physical body will be consumed. Your astral body will then be taken abroad the ship hidden underground in Iraq called the Phoenix. I don't even want to consider what will become of your astral self...."

She also flings iconoclastic accusations at staid sub-culture mindsets, such as New Age beliefs, channeled messages, even hallucinogenic visions brought on by drugs that she says are bridges connecting our consciousness with that of the lizards; where, once connected, play deceptive games with our minds. Strange indeed.

It's interesting that in a novel I wrote in 1976, After the War, there are events going on that mirror much of what Peggy Kane claims is happening to us. Although in the book, all the action takes place in a fictional Mexican village that seems to be trapped in a Bermuda Triangle kind of spell.

Check out her blog. Regardless of what you might think, it's as entertaining as a good sci-fi story, or scary as a horror show.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lizards and Planet X

Peggy Kane sounds confident that the lizards will depart the earth by early May.

In her entry of March 21, she says that Planet X is incoming and very near, heading toward us from the southern hemisphere. There's mention by one of her commenters of a secret expedition to Iraq to unearth lost ancient relics with magical powers capable of reviving lost alien technology. It was these relics and not the oil that really prompted the war.

Okay, scratch the oil and the WMDs. Having dabbled in creative writing, I find this very interesting.

If you read her blog with the television in the background tuned to a cable news channel, you begin to wonder what world you're really on, what reality is being spoon fed to you. It's the shear voice of complete acceptance for what Peggy believes to be true that makes you stop and wonder.

I entered my own question in the comments column asking what happens if May comes and goes and nothing happens?

Years ago I wrote an article about another space age guru by the name of Sheldon Nidle. He predicted that in 1996 something called the Photon Belt would come upon us and shift us into the 5th dimension. Nothing happened. Although, a woman I met at the Learning Annex session that evening said she believed that maybe something did happen but no one noticed. Her statement gives you insight into the type of person that swallows this kind of information without question.

Then again, you can't help but leave the site wondering if maybe she really is on to something. That's when it really gets scary.

Friday, March 24, 2006

An answered question

Although Peggy Kane's blog group made it a point to completely ignore my question regarding what happens if nothing occurs in May, her entry for March 24 summed it up.

She writes, "If I continue to hear May as the time of leaving and it does not change and May comes and goes with things going on normally, I will apologize, shut down this site, and no longer speak publicly about any of what I am hearing. So we may only have a few months and if I am accurate, all will be revealed."

Still, she leaves herself room to maneuver, in the words ...and it does not change...

This means that if she suddenly begins to hear that the lizards will stick around a while longer, then her saga continues.

Keep in mind, however, that even if the lizards do change their minds, Planet X is still incoming, if her reverse speech analysis is correct. Changing ones mind to stay longer is within the realm of possibility, but for a planet to change its course and postpone its arrival, well, that's something else altogether.

We don't have long to wait.

Her confidence is unsettling. It reminds me of the boastful tones spouted by Prophet Yahweh, who swore that a huge mothership would hover over Las Vegas no later than July 15, 2005.

The UFO never showed.

Monday, March 27, 2006  

The devil's in Texas

As if lizards weren't enough to contend with, here's a site that says there's a nuclear weapon on a freighter somewhere near Houston, TX, ready to go off in April.

Appropriate enough, I got the link from Peggy Kane's site.

The man who claims this will happen sometime during Easter is Ken Welch, who supposedly retrieved this information by reverse speech. He gives us some examples by posting audio that does sound like what he's claiming, but I still find it a bit hard to swallow.

And, of course, if it doesn't happen the claim will be it was because the news got out.

Check out Welch's page here.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A matter of interpretation...

Peggy Kane hit the nail on the head today. She tackled Ken Welch's sound bites on the nuclear weapon that is allegedly stashed on a freighter near Houston. She came up with totally different takes, totally different interpretations.

She's been doing this reverse speech analysis for some time so her ears are pretty sharp. The process, I'm told, is arduous and time consuming. It takes patience and perseverance.

She still says that May is the month that the lizards leave the planet and that we will regain our spiritual freedom soon after. This will come at a cost. The "net" these reptilians have surrounding the earth will catch on fire when they exit as Planet X comes closer and makes a pass, leaving us engulfed in fiery skies, heat and smoke. It will be unpleasant and she insists that people seek shelter in basements and caves for safety, stock plenty of water and food for the duration that may take days to settle down.

Again, I'm at odds with what she sees coming because I've heard these kind of messages before over the last three decades regarding everything from the Second Coming, to alien intervention on behalf of our welfare.

The clock is ticking. May is just a few weeks away.

For anyone who wants to try their hand at reverse speech, here's a site that offers free software. Good luck.

Planet X...?

Speaking of Planet X, here's a photo of the elusive orb courtesy of Sherry Shriner who says this is the real McCoy. See it? It's that orange dot above the sun. It was taken during the March 29 solar eclipse. But couldn't it be Venus, Mars, or lens flare? And who, other than Shriner, says that it's the rogue planet? She didn't mention how she came to this conclusion.

Sherry also believes that this is the last year we will celebrate Easter. Unlike Peggy Kane, however, she believes that Planet X is the mothership for the Anunnaki, those intergalactic bad guys that are spoken about in the bible and in Zecharia Sitchin's books.

Instead of liberation, Sherry believes we will experience a nightmare like nothing we've seen before. That we will be tormented like wild beasts ready for slaughter, literally.

If the powers that be are aware of this mysterious planet and what surprise it holds for the human race, good or bad, they are not letting on one bit.

I do not detect any apprehension from Bush, Cheney or Rice, or any other government leader. They seem to be going about their business, doing pretty much what they damn well please. If anything's out of kilter, it's certainly not their acting abilities.

Although I have to admit, since I became aware of Peggy Kane's stance on these matters, evil lizards, robotic clones, etc, I sometimes find myself thinking of our leaders sitting in some secreted place, gathered together, munching on live white mice while discussing the next horrifying incident they've planned to inflict on the people of the earth.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's all about faith...

Psychologically speaking this is an interesting site. Here you find people who don't know each other from Adam. Some believe, others doubt, some are probably fanatics. All the ingredients for a true religion. It's always been a subject of interest to me how people form and hold onto faith.

The beliefs here are about as cataclysmic as anything I've encountered, either in a book or my own experience.

The catalyst here, of course, is the month of May.

I think a lot of people wonder what goes through the mind of a suicide bomber, whether they find their 72 virgins, or what they might think when they find something altogether unexpected.

Faith is something we all need. Luckily for us as humans, we can contrive something else to anchor onto if what we think we believe proves to be a self-induced delusion. Self-induced because in the end we choose to accept this or that belief system, or faith. And faith is a very personal from of allegiance.

The above was posted on the Peggy Kane blog this day. What it refers to is the belief that the month of May will somehow transform us all into fully conscious human beings at the departure of our tormentors, the reptilians who have plagued us for better than five thousand years. Great expectation, undoubtedly. This is surely an exercise in faith for a better world and a releasing of our shackles. But I seriously have my doubts that anything will happen as far as lizards leaving the planet is concerned.

Maybe I'm brainwashed. What the hell do I know.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pure frustration...

If anyone's interested in reversing someone's recorded speech, more power to you. I've tried and failed miserably. I tried the free software from Audacity and got absolutely nowhere. They say the process is extremely time consuming and I'm one to get easily bored.

The reason I wanted to give it a try was to hear those lizard voices for myself. Guess I'll have to rely on the others on the Kane blog site to keep me up to date on what's developing. Even so, according to the general consensus, May is the month to watch for, so if nothing happens, I would have saved myself a whole lot of mental anguish.

For those of you bold enough to give it a shot, click here for the free software.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

More doom, more gloom...

Here's another dooms days prediction slated for May 25, 2006. It argues that a fragment from the 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 comet that started to split up for unexplainable reasons in 1995, is headed for earth and will hit the Atlantic ocean, causing one hell of a global disaster. Read the pdf article here.

So now we have April 16 when a nuke will allegedly go off near Houston. Then there's May, when the lizards depart the earth and Planet X will come and sear the net that engulfs the planet. And now, on top of all this, we have May 25 to meet a collision with a meteor that will knock the bejesus out of us.

A lot in store in the next few weeks. Hope you're all making your preparations.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One down, two to go...

April 16 came and went without a hint of a nuclear bomb going off in Houston. ...Hmmmm...what up wit dat?

Okay, now we have May Day to wait for and the lizards departure. Then May 25 for the meteor impact.

I strongly advise anyone interested in these predictions to drop in on Peggy Kane's blog and read some of the comments by the group there. I cannot believe how people will harness their minds to adhere to a belief that completely defies sound reason. In regard to the "net" shielding Planet X, I've been told that what I'm seeing in space may not be what's there. That we could very well be living in a Truman Show reality, a sort of matrix run by the lizards.

Yes, I keep going back because I find it fascinating. These people are not characters in a movie. They're real people who are caught up in their own strange game or, better put, their own search for salvation.

My concern is what will they do when May comes and goes and...nothing happens?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shriner's two cents...

In an email to her group today, Sherry Shriner made it clear that she doesn't think the incoming Planet X is bringing Pleidians to rescue us from the lizards as Peggy Kane does. She's sticking to her guns and warns that the rogue planet is bringing instead the dreaded Annunaki who are allegedly more monstrous than the reptilians and will walk the earth openly after enthroning the anti-Christ to commence the greatest horror show since the beginning of humankind. If we thought we had problems when the lizards were running the show, we will see and feel the true meaning of hell in the arrival of their nemesis.

I recall hearing both these women on internet radio a few times. Shriner was doing her old testament/David Icke mix while Kane deferred (it was Shriner's show), but I got the distinct feeling that Kane does not subscribe to much of what Shriner believes. I gather that a wide chism has come between them nowadays, and I believe Shriner is lurking around Kane's blog, gathering information on turncoats and apostates.

Regarding Planet X, there are some interesting photos turning up, showing the sun with a smaller companion at its side, too regular to be considered a "sun dog." The question is, what the hell is it? Some people think it's lens flare, others don't know what to make of it.

Here are some links to some of these pics:

This one is on the left side of the sun and has its own reflection in the water.

This one clearly shows a bright orb at ten o'clock to the sun.

And this last one is showing an orb at eleven o'clock to the sun.

They say that as the month of May gets nearer, whatever Planet X is will reveal itself more and more...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Planet X pics...

Here's another site allegedly showing pics of Planet X. What's interesting is that all these photos, taken by different people around the world, all show a smaller orb beside or near the sun. You would think that some of these people would research their finds before claiming that the images could possibly be Planet X. Some may have researched what they found and, finding nothing to explain what it is, simply labeled it with the convenient tenth planet logo.

On another note, Peggy Kane today posted that Condi Rice is a clone. That she was murdered during her resent visit to Iraq and was then replaced by a look-alike. So far we have Chaney and Bush, and now Rice, as clones. Makes sense.

Also, here's an informative site explaining Planet X. Check it out. It tells a different story than told by Kane; closer to what Shriner claims.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Searching for answers...

Determined to hear something in reverse speech, I hit the recorder again and went to the White House website, specifically to the radio section, where I recorded Condi Rice, Bush and Cheney. For the most part, all of it was nonsense. The first one I reversed was Condi Rice being interviewed by Sean Hannity. At one point I got this remarkably clear reversal from Rice: "Do you want to hear my elf?"

But I contend that the reversal could have produced the same effect had the forward statement been made by someone else; that the sounds produced were inherent in the series of words in their exact order.

James, a member of Peggy Kane's blog group, assures me that "you can get two different reversals on the same comment, and I have also had the same reversal from a different comment."

Okay, so maybe I just don't have what it takes. I'm now convinced that you need "the touch" or maybe "the ear" to be successful at finding imbedded messages from reptilian aliens.

Or maybe it's just practice. One thing's for sure, it isn't as easy as I had supposed. I still think it may be wishful thinking, or interpretation.

The one thing everyone at Peggy's blog can agree on is that it will all be revealed during the month of May, for better or worse.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Very weird...

Last night I finally got some clear reserve speech off Donald Rumsfeld and Condi Rice. I'm still not committing as to what this phenomena might be. But there was defiantly something there. Someone on the Kane blog site stated that Rumsfeld held more than one reptilian voice in him. I got three distinct voices. But the weirdest one was so clear it could have been another person standing next to him. The voice said, clear as a bell, "You have a beautiful accent."

The other two voices made single comments. One said, "You're so guilty.'

The other voice said, "Now we're even."

Strangely, Condi Rice sounded as if she said, "Joe, you're a student."

I don't know what to make of it. The Rumsfeld comments and their distinct differences in tone are very strange.

So far I haven't heard anything about a mass exodus in May or a "net" coming down. But I am hooked now and will continue to listen. A good place for audio is National Public Radio. Their recordings are clear and crisp. Give it a shot. Who knows, you may uncover something that Maulder and Scully might have missed.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Peggy Kane makes her exit…

On April 29, Peggy Kane announced that she was taking down her blog site. It was a stunning declaration. The general feeling was that she would maintain the site until the end of May. She had stated earlier that if nothing occurred validating what she's been predicting for some time, that the secreted reptilian aliens would leave in mass sometime during the month of May for fear of the incoming Planet X, that she would apologize and humbly vanish quietly into the woodwork.

The truth is, she had laid the ground work, made her predictions many times over, and there was really nothing more to say. A sort of teary high school melancholy fell over the hardcore group that buzz around the site. It was like the last day of school before summer vacation. But it wasn't because they wouldn't be able to communicate anymore. It was because their beloved leader was outing herself from the center of the arena, going into self-imposed seclusion to wait for her predictions to unfold or collapse. Peggy was as adamant as ever regarding the departure of the lizards, the appearance of Planet X, and the ultimate reward of regaining humanity's long lost freedom.

As for the core group, they found another site to continue their discussions about what they believe will occur. If you'd like to drop by, check out their new blog site at Reverse Speaking.

But I have a feeling it won't be the same. The glue that was holding the group together is gone. They may just degenerate into a bunch of jabbering fringe lunatics; the Israelites without Moses, prepared to build the golden calf mid-May when their visions for a better world begin to crumble with the realization that earth will have to endure yet more abuse and its inhabitants absorb and dispense more cruelty for God knows how much longer.

Then again, maybe the tail end of 2012 will shift our paradigm as many people believe. Who knows. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The beat goes on...

Sorry, Peggy. May 1st and no Planet X, no burning net, no mass migration of alien reptiles that I can see. There are 30 days left in the month. But as far as I'm concerned, the issue is dead and buried. There will be no exodus, Peggy, no incoming Planet X, just the same old b.s. we've been living with for millennia, just as I expected.

In the meantime, I would consult with a sound technician if I were you, just to see what it is that you've been listening to all these years.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peggy's back...

Peggy Kane dropped by the Reverse Speech blog with an update. She still listens every day and is now hearing that towards the end of May is the time when the alien reptiles will be leaving the planet. She also showed her sense of humor by saying that her husband offered to loan her one of his guns in case nothing happened so that she could go shoot a crow and have it for supper.

Seems like the lizards are using psy-op tactics on her as well. Apparently they're aware of what she's up to. They talk about her clone and how they're going to lay it out on a table to do God knows what to it.

I still say that if nothing happens she should turn all this info into a movie script. I love sci-fi and horror movies. And having followed her forecasts for a while now, I'm convinced it would make one hell of a flick.

Friday, May 12, 2006

1984 is really, truly here...

You'd have to be a complete moron not to realize we're becoming more like Orwell's 1984 with each passing day. Even though the NSA has illegally listened to and gathered billions of phone records from US citizens since 9/11, the villainous news just hit the fan yesterday, dropping many jaws to the floor, without doubt. This on the heels of the pending confirmation of Gen. Michael Hayden to head the CIA. That was a groaner even before I heard the news about the phone calls. And when I did, it gave me a good belly laugh, something I seldom do when I hear anything as serious as this. The reason for the laughter, I'm sure, was for the same reason people sometimes chuckle at bizarre or tragic announcements--to ease their edginess.

After the dark humor began to recede, I became mildly concerned as if this was yet one more jagged piece pointing to the advent of the anti-Christ. I brooded not only about Hayden, but the bird flu, and the IRS (certainly an organization devised by the mysterious Illuminati to bleed their herd, of this I am a confirmed believer).

I thought, too, about the possibilities of WWIII, cell phone brain tumors (even though I don't own one), the high cost of gas, and the departing lizards that Peggy Kane assures us are still leaving in late May. She's been posting on the Reverse Speech blog since May 10th. Makes you wonder why she took down her own blog in the first place.

If what she says is true, it won't be a walk in the park. The horrific scenario she paints is straight out of Revelation.

But let's face it, we need a change. Not only in the White House, the Senate and Congress, but in our entire fucking reality. I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel a sense of impending doom on a global scale; like all the bullshit that's taking place on the earth is reaching a state of critical mass. Something has to give--and soon.

However, as much as I'd like to believe what Peggy Kane says, I just can't buy into it. Still, the clock is ticking...

More from Peggy Kane...

Peggy Kane on NightSearch radio. She's sticking to her guns, not wavering one bit in her convictions. This interview was conducted on May 16, 2006. Click here to listen...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lizards exposed

Here's a video clip that gives information on the reptilian agenda, reverse speech, and offers some examples. All this topped off with brief comments by David Icke explaining further what the lizards are (and have been) up to.

The video is interesting as well because it was put together by the moderator of the reverse speech blog that was assembled after Peggy Kane took hers down.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Getting Ready to Go: Peggy Kane reiterates

Peggy Kane has posted again on the Reverse Speaking blog. On May 25th, the day a huge meteor was allegedly supposed to hit the Atlantic Ocean, causing havoc over the entire East Coast, she writes:

"Yes, yes, I know that May is winding down and each day that passes and seems so normal, the idea of these incredible changes starting in May appear to be more and more remote. Well, I am now, more than ever convinced that this series of events will be happening and in May. The game's not over till it's over, and it is still May and I have heard that the Memorial Day weekend or more accurately May 29/30 will be the time that they leave."

All I have to say is that she has more faith in what she claims than I gave her credit for. After the first week of May came and went, I sort of wrote her off as another doomsday windbag. But she persists in the faith. I guess years of listening to the garbled reverse speech of world leaders isn't easy to give up as a waste of time. What seems to have changed in her spiel is that Planet X no longer seems to be in the equation, at least for now. The toads are leaving, she says, not because they're being chased away by an advancing planet three times the size of the earth, but simply because they have stated in so many reversals of speech that, as far as Peggy's concerned, it is inevitable.

She closed her post with these words:

"So once more, get ready. They have long said they were leaving. They have over and over stated that they would sneak out, no warning. The Israeli Prime Minister, said, they will leave just out of the blue. They want shock, panic, fear.

But they are going to get all of that right back at them.

Peggy Kane."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bloody Monday...

Yesterday's mistaken shootout in Washington, D.C. is believed to have been a ruse by the alien lizards. This according to Peggy Kane's latest post on the Reverse Speaking blog. Interestingly, she says something new here, new to me anyway; namely, that the reptilians are capable of freeze framing a room full of people while they go about their business, walking around the motionless bodies as if they were mannequins.

Where does she get this information? Reverse speech, where else. She says this latest ploy was to evacuate the rest of the politicians left in the city. Remember, they're being taken to the Phoenix, a huge spaceship submerged underwater somewhere in the Middle East. Unbeknownst to them, they're not being rescued to safety but rather to be put on the menu for the long ride home.

Her posts are invariably followed with avid kudos from the rest of the blog members, with some adding their own reversals to substantiate what Peggy has put forward. In this case there is one interesting addition by someone named "James" of reversals from Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, who says a lot of unpleasant things in reverse. One particular statement that stands out is: "It's the worst day of the whole earth, now go punish short of missin your neck." ...Hmmm, what to make of that...

Although confidence must be waning at this late date, there's still a large amount of positive affirmations regarding the outcome of all this among the exceedingly genial participants on the blog site. Some of the stauncher members I believe even quit their jobs early on in anticipation of the new paradigm, the new heaven on earth that was promised with the reptiles' departure. Despite the fact that Peggy herself insists this is not a new belief system, I believe that it is. When you go around insisting that something is going to happen before it actually happens, that is a matter of faith, like it or not. When you go around saying that what you hear in peoples' reverse speech is the "truth," that is a matter of faith because there is no proof to complete the assumption that truth has been spoken.

Peggy also claims that every policeman in Washington is a clone. What an operation! The CIA, NSA, and the FBI could learn a thing or two from these lizards. Of course, Peggy would argue that they already have. She takes this opportunity to underscore that the reverse speech she's recently deciphered from reporters and people being interviewed by them, are saying in reverse that there will be much chaos unleashed while people go about their holiday activities, beginning Sunday evening with the strongest evidence of her predictions coming on Monday.

Aside from the price of gas, yet one more reason to stay home. After all, it must be the "truth."

Monday, May 29, 2006

Just another day...

It's obvious that tensions and feelings of disappointment are growing on the Reverse Speaking blog. One of the members, Jonboy, has apparently been singled out for verbal lashings by a few of the others. He's been accused of being in cahoots with the lizards by advancing their propaganda. He has a penchant, a rather strong one, for writing and posting "chants" to benefit the others. Evidently he thinks that if they chant these rather vapid couplets, things will change for the better all around.

One chant posted recently goes like this: "There is NO teacher like Pain and Terror! Not only do they instruct and teach instantly...but permanently!"

A member showed her disapproval with bared teeth almost immediately. Miriam believes that Jonboy is a lizard plant, not to be trusted, and immediately began a verbal assault on his character and intentions. One can almost feel the edginess as the clock ticks on...

The general feeling on the site now as these last days and hours of the month of May come full circle, seems to be: "Oh, my God, I'm going to be left here to continue with my miserable life whether I like it or not."

They would just as soon experience the disasters (and possible death) that were sure to come if the lizards had left as promised. Now they will have to continue working, pay taxes, rent, bills, deal with mindless, completely ignorant humanity until they meet their own inevitable demise in whatever fated way that might be. That is the one thing that they can truly count on, their own death at some future point in time. All they're left with now is their belief that there is no belief or faith or religion on earth that has not been created and/or tainted by the reptiles. They are therefore left with nothing to believe in except their own warped, paranoid imaginings. And that is truly sad.

End of the road...

I hope they keep the Reverse Speaking blog up long enough so Peggy Kane can have a last and parting word on June 1st.


What has not happened so far:
1. The sky (net) did not burn.
2. Planet X did not come.
3. The dead did not materialize from the astral.
4. The "Phoenix" did not display a spectacular takeoff.
5. Bush & Co. did not end up on the barbie.
What has and will happen:


All this reminds me of Prophet Yahweh, that magic man of last year who supposedly manifested UFOs and promised the world that a huge spaceship would hover over Las Vegas during the month of July. At the time, Peggy Kane had something to say about him as well. Click here to listen.

Then there's Sheldon Nidle who in 1995 assured his followers that the Photon Belt would come without question and catapult us all into the 5th dimension in 1996. Or the tragic outcome of the Heaven's Gate cult where some of the males not only castrated themselves but committed mass suicide because of one man's insane vision.

My whole interest in these off the wall predictions is how readily people are willing to give up their beliefs and follow a complete stranger into the realms of the fantastic, totally and completely. I am absolutely amazed time after time at how people will relinquish their minds, their will, and whatever intelligence they have just because so-and-so says something that they want to happen, pray will happen, even if that "something" is completely absurd.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Peggy throws in the towel...

Peggy Kane's recent post pretty much says that she was wrong. But this admission is qualified: she was wrong because she was being "jerked around" by the infamous reptilians. What I find difficult to understand is why these beings would waste their time deceiving a woman for 3-4 years simply to put one over on her. A basic question is this: If Planet X is not here, or anywhere near, why would they want to leave? After all, wasn't the advancement of this mysterious planet the reason for their leaving in the first place? They've had it pretty cosy all these thousands of years manipulating, eating, and basically having their way with the human race any way they pleased. Why stop now if there's no reason too? And how can she be so sure that people are being feasted on in the astral dimension if every other prediction she's made has been 100% discredited?

But here, read her post for yourself. I post it rather than link to it because the Reverse Speaking blog may disappear any day now.


Peggy Kane: "I knew it would happen. We live in a fierce net. They have worked hard to study what I, and others are doing with reverse speaking. Now it has been rendered almost useless for true information. That is what I am finding. I know that the basic information is completely accurate. The reptilians have been running the show, eating people and have to get off. I consoled myself in reverse by saying that I did help to wake people up, but it is just in the past short period of time that they have finally been able to mess with recordings enough to really foul up the data. Are they leaving in May? Now I have to question that. Of course, it is the 30th of May, so there is only one day left, but I have listened to so much drama in the past few weeks, that I am pretty worn out with it all. If these reptilians (who speak on every recording) can emotionally manipulate, they will stop at nothing to pull one into the game. I now feel that I am getting jerked around and so have to put on the brakes. They worked hard to mess this up. When I ask myself a question and download quickly in short increments, I can hear truth. That is how I know for a fact that my information now is being tampered with. I told myself that they were very frightened about all the information that I was getting and putting out, so it had to be distorted in order to cause confusion like every other modality on planet Earth. I’m not at all surprised. I knew they were starting to get it, but wanted so badly to be able to hear and pass along, the facts of what this race was up to behind the scenes. I struggled to try to keep it clean, but at this point, it’s just guesswork. Please know this; the information that I got over the past 3-4 years is for the most part, accurate. Now, as things are really heating up so to speak, it is becoming an informational nightmare for me. I’m hearing so much crap mixed in with truth, that I will no longer be listening to newscasts nor printing out what I hear. It was time for me to be discredited, as so many others who have tried to say what they have believed is true. It is the very nature of this place right now. Never a straight answer; always puzzles. I’m sorry if I have caused anyone distress and much of what I heard about their leaving may still be accurate, but I have listened so much lately, and it just gets more and more bazaar. Lies and truth, this is the nature of real disinformation. I will say this, the reptilians are real, the ship is real, planet x is real, but timeframes and events are variable and as so many have told me, predicting the timing of events is a slippery slope. I will continue to listen, mostly to myself, but will keep silent now on what I hear. Its too easy to put out BS and there is certainly enough of that to go around. I don’t need to add to that pile. For all of you who listen, stay with this, be very discerning, stay strong and prepared, the lizards are getting kicked off, that is a fact, just how and when, well, I guess it is now time to wait and see. I want to thank all of you who have been supportive of me along this journey, and to those who said, May or not, they believed in what I was trying to do, I really love you all."

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A fond farewell...

The Reverse Speaking blog was deleted today.
May it rest in peace.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Black Crack...

It's understandable why Peggy Kane and her followers wanted a change in our reality. Truth is I would have gone along with it had I had any faith that it was a believable possibility. But as much as I would have wanted such a change, I knew that the greedy, gout ridden sociopaths that run the world would still be in charge when the month of May window closed.

The conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati want to dominate the world and enslave us all. Unless there's a change in human consciousness, and soon, their goals will certainly be met. The signs are there. It's like living in a building whose foundation is being eroded imperceptibly by outside forces. The idea is to tear the building down and build another in its place, one made of bulletproof glass with no way out and where all the inhabitants are electronically tagged so they cannot escape surveillance even for a moment. They want to bring us to our knees so that they, the slave masters, can be paid rancorous homage by way of our debentured state. The reason is simple: keeping us enslaved is to their advantage.

A case in point is an article I read recently. It concerns something we're all interested in—oil. Click here to read…

Friday, June 23, 2006

New reverse speaking blog...

Yesterday I received an email from a member of the reverse speech blogs that I wrote about earlier, the ones where Peggy Kane predicted that reptilian beings were going to flee the earth sometime during the month of May.

As it turns out there is yet a third incarnation of these blogs where some members of the old sites are present and continue to debate the worthiness of reverse speech analysis. My opinion of the whole thing has been written and pretty much done with. I honestly believe you can get better information from throwing the Tarot. As I told Patt, the woman who sent the email, "Truth is, I have little faith in reverse speech as an instrument of 'truth.' Sorry, but after what happened to Peggy, it was pretty much clear that everything she predicted was a complete zero. There's no getting around that."

If anyone's interested, they can be found here.

Monday, June 26, 2006

UFOs in Ohio skies...

There must be a major UFO flap going on in Ohio. Sherry Shriner who has been evicted from her home along with her family are living in the woods and she's reported seeing UFOs almost from their first night at camp a few weeks ago. In her last email dated June 24, 2006, she mentions a UFO dogfight in the night skies with one object getting shot down. The incident was passed off as a meteor by the local media. Seems there's a bunch of UFOs around her area. By the sound of it, there appears to be a war being fought in the Ohio skies. For those who are familiar with Sherry and her beliefs, this is no big deal. And, in fact, I would not have written about it here if the same sightings hadn't been mentioned on the new evpreversespeaking2 blog.

Partially, this is what was posted by "Starr" from what I assume to be a news article:

June 21, 2006 at 09:33 AM

Ohio sky mystery

[Monsters from above ...]
The people of Central Ohio's Tuscarawas Valley were terrorized by bright, booming objects in the sky early Monday morning.

Tuscarawas, Stark and Wayne counties all had multiple reports of bizarre things in the night sky around 12:45 a.m. Monday, according to the Times-Reporter newspaper.

Houses shook as the huge object or objects flew overhead.

According to Tuscarawas County Sheriff Lt. Lon McEnroe, frightened eyewitnesses asked "Did we just get bombed?" Others thought, "It might be a space shuttle."

A space shuttle has never landed in Ohio, and the last U.S. shuttle flight was nearly a year ago. Whatever the object was, residents were astounded by the sight of it.

"Dispatchers from the county's 911 center contacted Air Traffic Command in Washington, D.C., to inquire about the event," the paper reported today.

Many described a "red fireball," but one woman specifically described "a blue light that lit up the sky and went down."

Another witness told of "a marvelous fireball with red streaks in the sky."

National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Reed in Pittsburgh said his office received many calls.

"A meteor is the best explanation we can come up with at this point," Reed said.

Peggy Kane's return...again...
And she's back at full tilt, with a mouth full of feathers and belching crow, although you wouldn't know it considering the sort of stuff she's coming out with now. On the evpreversespeaking2 blog, Peggy's posted her most recent reverse speech findings. For those familiar with her pre-May predictions (none of which came through as far as anyone can tell), she is now saying that the alien lizards did in fact leave when nobody was paying attention. They must have gotten hold of the Klingons' cloaking device because there wasn't so much as a whisper heard from any part of the Persian Gulf where this humongous ship was supposed to be hidden underwater. The mothership, the Phoenix, nevertheless left on schedule, according to Peggy. And they did take the world's top politicians with them to marinate and munch on as the Phoenix makes its way back to their home turf near the constellation Orion.

In her own words, and with much chutzpah, she says: "I knew that many, if not all, of the top Politicians had been taken by the reptilians and that we were being governed by clones controlled within by the lower-level reptiles often called elves in reverse. It soon became apparent to me that many more people were also gone. In fact, in the last week, I have realized that what I have been hearing from top people in different fields were references to their capture, terror, and demise both physically and astrally. It seems their clones carry the memories of these individuals."

So, we're being ruled the world over by clones, exact replicas of the world leaders who are now on the reptiles' menu, in their meat locker, or sizzling on the dinner table, if not already digested. There is no mention of Planet X, or the "net" that was supposed to burn as the lizards made their escape. No mention either of her promise to keep silent on these matters if nothing transpired as she predicted. I guess her recent findings are so compelling that the world cannot afford to be kept in the dark about what these sly manipulators have in mind. Prior to the latest fiasco, she had made exactly the same prediction for March 2006 and these too went down the tubes, only to resurface as the May predictions. Now that they have failed to transpire a second time, she is changing her spin. This game can be played indefinitely. This is the stuff of fiction writers, give them a twist here and there and keep the story going. But there comes a time when the amplifications reach a point of sheer absurdity. In her latest installment, she seems to have reached that very stage of unabashed, in-your-face ludicrousness.

Frankly, I don't know what to make of all this. But I do know that until she can produce some hard evidence, above and beyond the garbled phrases she gleans from recorded speech, this new venue of hers will float like yesterday's newspaper on the Hudson River.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Reverse Speech...

I received an email from Buffalo Voice today, one of the members from Peggy Kane's old blog group. Basically, he was informing some of us about the latest developments in reverse speech, assuring us that's it's far from dead. I checked out David Oaks' website and for the first time took a close look at it. Oaks is supposedly the innovator of reverse speech. In the news section of his site with the Blair-Bush comments, I didn't find any sensational sci-fi elements at all of the sort Peggy Kane is always claiming to hear, which was kind of disappointing. Of course, what he says about Ken Welch is no surprise either. Welch is the Texan who claimed that an atomic bomb stored on a freighter would go off near Houston in April during the Easter weekend. When nothing happened Welsh took credit for this, claiming that it was his warning that prevented it from occurring in the first place. Lately he said an atomic weapon would go off in the Middle East on August 3. And of course nothing happened then either. It appears that Welsh is as obsessed with nuclear holocaust as much as Peggy Kane is with reptilian aliens. What I found interesting was that for someone who's done as much reversing as Oats has, you would think he'd have come up with something akin to what Peggy Kane stumbled on to, the reptilian manipulators of our government officials and their evil agenda. I'm sure he's heard of her and equally sure he's listened to some of her tapes. I was disappointed to find nothing on his site mentioning her at all.

Bottom line, it seems that different people find different things in RS. I honestly can't see where any substantial "truth" would be found in such a mercurial phenomenon. I would just as soon put my money on a lie detector.